Tuesday, October 3, 2006

“Ship Bolshevik Nariman Narimanov” video installation, 2 channels, 7" 2006

The Azerbaijanian artists who are now in their 40-ies were born and grown up in the Soviet Union. The dramatic shift in political and economic systems accompanied by total overhaul of values and life priorities presumably had
to somehow influence their creativity. Sabina Shiklinskaya has interviewed several fellow artists from her generation with the same question about which trace the break of established 'living system' has left on the personal histories of the artists. Surprisingly enough, almost all colleagues quite unanimously confess that they were obsessed all these years with matters other than fall of Communist power.

Slowly sinking remnants of a ship on the shore of Caspian sea recall to artist the Soviet past – the mixed feelings of fading away memories and dreams of happy childhood related with sea cruises and the grandeur of a powerful vessel, and at the same time that terrible dance macabre of the oppressive machine of Communist regime which all is in the past, just like the old vessel now is sentenced to decay by rust, water and winds. Visualization of the shared common past - the vessel - is juxtaposed with multiple expressions of current moment as each of interviewed artists perceives it.
J. Selimkhanov, critic