Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Dangerous Red', video installation, 3', 2008, DVD

Armageddon - the End of Humanity, the Death and Oblivion ...
The notion of End is embedded in any Beginning. Nothing lasts forever, and a timer of the End - of the Death - is starting with the birth. Let only physical death. Because it is possible to believe that the spirit is eternal. However, this is just a conjecture, while inevitability of
the physical end is a fact.
Existence is tragic by itself. Humanity, in its majority, finds no popular thinking about the finiteness of life and its transience, and chooses the way to live without thinking about the future
Often this leads to the fact that natural disasters are added by the catastrophes of an unreasonable human behavior - wars, terrorism, traffic accidents, ecological disasters caused by poor management of human activities, technology development through the destruction of nature and a lot more of what we are silent and often indifferent witnesses.
In addition to everything, a human being as the most highly developed of living creatures, is also the most cruel one. We deprive the lives of other living beings, not only because of the need to extend our own lives, but sometimes just by inertia or misunderstanding. And that's the most awful - because of incomprehension of the value of each individual life and the coherence of all living things in the universe.
The alternative to reflection about what is happening is often chosen to live today's life and to enjoy short-term pleasures. This is reminiscent of "Feast in the Time of Plague". The End is so near, death knocks at our door, but we're passionate about the "feast" ...